Why you should contribute?


BhaktiSangrah.com is a world famous fast growing Spiritual and Patriotism portal. We launched Bhakti Sangrah in December 2015 with a couple of pages and now it has grown to thousands of pages and hosted on dedicated servers. We run BhaktiSangrah.com only for our visitors who come to us to get reliable information as prescribed in Spiritual and Patriotism texts.

My passion and commitment providing reliable and correct information. I have my website Bhakti Sangrah fully dedicated to Spiritual or Patriotism.

Bhakti Sangrah is a desktop and mobile friendly responsive website.

Bhakti Sangrah and all its services are free for all. However, you can make voluntary payment for using Bhakti Sangrah and its services. Your contribution will help us to grow Bhakti Sangrah and keep its services free for all. If you pay back then we would use that fund to develop new features and add more services to the website. Bhakti Sangrah was launched with the personal contribution of its founders and currently its only Donation. Now we are exploring other ways to fund Bhakti Sangrah.

Our ambition is to make BhaktiSangrah.com the best online resource to provide Informative content, Wallpaper, Songs, Aartis, Chalisa, Videos, Audios and more Spiritual and Patriotism collections. We add new features after in-depth research and don’t publish any information unless we have completed our research with satisfactory results. Our ambition is to computerize almost all ancient knowledge to explore it and use it in day to day life.

BhaktiSangrah.com is owned by Meena Kumari and we are not an NGO. We run Bhakti Sangrah professionally which has made Bhakti Sangrah the most admired website on Spiritual and Patriotism.

Bhakti Sangrah doesn’t charge any fee for using it. However, we need fund to continue our work and keep researching on Spritual and Patriotism. If you want us to keep serving Me, please think about paying for using Bhakti Sangrah and its online tools and services.  

Please help growth of BhaktiSangrah.com.  


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