Swami Garibdas Ji Maharaj

sant garivdas ji maharaj kabir panth

A Short Biography Of Garibdas Ji Maharaj

Maharaj Garibdas ji arrived in the year 1717 or Vikrami Samvat 1774 in the new morning on a full moon day of the later part of Vaisakh from the womb of Mother Rani in the family of Shri Balram ji in village Chhudani, in district Jhajjar of Haryana State. In Vikrami Samvat 1784, Bandichhor God Kabir (Kavir Dev) came from Satlok and come to Maharaj ji, and gave him initiation when Maharaj jihad gone to graze his cattle in the fields called Nalla, around 1.5 km towards village Kablana.

Maharaj ji had six children – four boys and two daughters. In Vikrami Samvat 1835 (year 1778), on the (dooj) second day of the Shukl Paksh 1 in BhadvaMaas 2 (Bhadr), you departed to Satlok. The last rites of your body were performed in the village Chhurani. A memorial Chhatri Sahib’ has been built on it.

After this, you appeared in the same body (of the same age 61 years) and stayed in Saharanpur (Uttar Pradesh) for 35 years. There also a memorial ‘Chhatri Sahib’ has been built by your name. From Chilkana road, a road extends called Kalsiya road. Twelve kilometres further on that road, the monument is built on the left hand side. Nearby is the famous Bada (enclosed fenced area) of Shri Laldas ji Maharaj, which is a clear proof in the world that God can also come in a body without a mother.

It is a request to all the God (Satguru)-loving souls that this handbook of “Nitya Niyam” from the speech of Maharaj Kabir Sahib and Garib das ji has been published for your daily reading so that by daily reading it with sincerity, the welfare of the soul can be done. There is a speciality in the speech of Bandichhor Kabir Sahib and Garibdas ji Maharaj that by reading it daily, the soul gets the power to relinquish evil deeds and to engross in God’s thoughts.

The speech of Bandichhor Kabir Sahib and Garibdas ji Maharaj is self-evident. By reading it daily, the benefit of the yagya of knowledge is obtained. Just as, if a person is bitten by a snake and he becomes
unconscious, then a Gardu (snake charmer – a per-son who performs a spiritual treatment of the snake-bite) recites some verses (mantras).
Within some time, that ignorant person regains knowledge and becomes alive. Similarly  the soul is covered with the poison of evil deeds, and the soul overwhelmed by lust, anger and affection becomes ignorant, and regains consciousness by reading the speech. Then on acquiring a Guru, by thinking about God, doing sumiran1 and singing the praise of Lord, it  becomes free from Kaal’s lok. Some diseases are also cured by reading the communication, if after taking initiation from a complete guru one reads it with full faith. Happiness in the family, increase in wealth, and some tasks also get accomplished by naam jaap and reading the vaani (speech) because this is Gyan Yagya (yagya of knowledge). Consider this to be true.  But for complete salvation, find a Complete Guru and after taking naam, obey the words of Guru and make your life successful. The meaning of ‘Nitya Paath’ (daily reading) is that one has to follow what is written in the vaani (words of Satguru). One should live and act accordingly.

Listi of Guru of Kabir Panth :-
1. Bandichhor Kabir Sahib Ji Maharaj – (Kashi, Uttar Pradesh)

2. Bandichhor Garibdas Ji Maharaj – (Chhurani, Jhajjar (Haryana))

3. Sant Sheetaldas Ji Maharaj{Barhana, Rohtak – (Haryana)

4. Sant Dhyandas Ji Maharaj

5. Sant Ramdas Ji Maharaj

6. Sant Brahmanand Ji Maharaj – (Karontha, Rohtak)

7. Sant Jugtanand ji Maharaj

8. Sant Gangeshwaranand Ji Maharaj – (Bajidpur, Delhi)

9. Sant Chidanand Ji Maharaj – (Gopalpur Dhaam, Sonipat)

10. Sant Ramdevanand Ji Maharaj – (Talwandi Bhaai, Punjab)

11. Sant Rampal Das Ji Maharaj – (Satlok Ashram, Hisar)


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