Satguru Kabir Sahib

saint satguru kabir dash sahib

A Short Biography Of Satguru Kabir

Satguru Kabir Sahib is Himself Purna Brahm (Sat Purush – Param Akshar Brahm). This Param Akshar Brahm (Immortal) God comes in all the four yugas. He has come to this mortal world in Satyug by the name Satsukrit, in Tretayug by name the Muninder, in Dwaparyug by the name Karunamay, and in Kalyug by His actual name (Kavir Dev) Kabir. In Kalyug, Supreme God Kabir (Kavir Dev), in Vikrami Samvat 1455 (The Year 1398), on a full moonday in the Jyeshth month (May-June) in Brahm-muhurat, appeared in the form of a newly born child on a lotus flower in the Lahar Tara pond in Kashi (Banaras). He was taken by Neeru-Neema (a weaver couple) who had gone there to take bath.

When the Qajis tried to give name to Him based on the Holy Book Quran, then all the words of that book (Quran, Kateb) became Kabir-Kabir-Kabir……. God Kabir (Kavir Dev) Himself spoke and said, “My name will only be ‘Kabir’.” God Kabir showed various genitals to the person who had come to circumcise Him. That person became frightened and left without circum-cising.

At the age of 5 years, Supreme God Kabir(Kavir Dev) became the disciple of 104 years old Swami Ramanand ji. He told the path to Satlok to Swami Ramanand ji and showed him Satlok. Once, the Emperor of Delhi, Sikander Lodhi, killed Swami Ramanand ji. Supreme God Kabir restored Swami Ramanand ji back to history. God Kabir cured the in-curable illness of the burning pain of Emperor Sikander Lodhi by merely touching him. Emperor Sikander got a cow split into half with a sword and said, “If you (God Kabir) call yourself God, then re-store this dead cow to life.” Instantly God Kabir by merely touching restored the dead cow and the calf in its womb, who had also been cut into half, to life, and filled a bucket with milk, and said –

“Gaay apni amma hai, is par chhuri na baah,
Garibdas ghee doodh ko, sarv aatm khaay “

God Kabir had no wife. To remove the ignorance of Sheikh Taqi and Emperor Sikander Lodhi, who were saying that we will consider you God when you will restore these corpses to history, God Kabir restored two dead children, Kamaal and Kamaali, to life and reared them as His children. God Kabir did not have mother -father. He was (Swayambhu) self-existent.

Then for 120 years, giving the information about His true path and Satlok, went to Satlok in Maghar place, in district Kabir Nagar (old district Basti) near Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh) in the pres-ence of millions of devotees and two kings – Bijli Khan (Nawab of Maghar) and Bir Singh Baghel (King of Kashi). Fragrant flowers were found in the place of His body. His body was not found.

In Vikrami Samvat 1575 (The Year 1518) that Supreme Power returned to His Supreme abode (Satlok-Satyadhaam) along with His body and produced anethervoice, “Look, I am going to Satyalok.” The devotees present there looked above and saw that a glowing body was going in the sky. Hindus and Muslims distributing half of the flowers and the bedsheet between themselves have built two memorials alongside each other at a gap of 100 feet in the Maghar city, that are witnesses even today, and even the Lahar Tara pond is clear evidence today. Two
Kabir Panthi ashrams are built there which give this same true description.


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