Yaksheshwar Avatar Biography or History

Yaksheshwar Avatar Biography or History

Lord Shiva’s Incarnation as Yaksheshwar

During the time behind ocean was beast churned first of all poison appeared from it. The deities were no investigated scared to freshen the tremendous heat it generated. They went to lord Shiva and requested to guard them against the heat of that poison. Lord Shiva drank all the poison but did not permit it p.s. down his throat.

After the poison, Nectar appeared from the ocean, which was drunk by the deities. The demons too wanted to drink the nectar, consequently, a tremendous stroke ensued along in the middle of them and the deities. The deities became victorious in this exploit because they had become immortal due to the effect of the Nectar. This victory made the deities altogether arrogant.

Lord Shiva was enormously concerned roughly their arrogant flora and fauna. He went to them in the guise of a Yaksha. He asked as to what was it that had made them hence arrogant. The deities replied that their self-importance stemmed from victory on the zenith of the demons. Lord Shiva who was disguised as Yaksha replied- “Your narcissism is based almost traitorous notion because you did not achieve victory due to somebody’s grace and blessing.”

The deities disagreed as soon as him. Lord Shiva with asked them to scratch the grass if they considered themselves hence sealed. He subsequently kept a grass leaf to the front of them. Each of the deities tried to graze that grass once their respective weapons but remained unsuccessful in their attempts. They were all horrified. Suddenly a heavenly voice was heard which said that the Yaksha was none added than Lord Shiva himself. The deities realized their mistakes. They apologized to lord Shiva. After vanquishing the false pride of the deities lord Shiva disappeared.


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