Uttarayan 2023 International Kite Festival Tyohar Mahotsav Parv or Utsav

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  Uttarayan on
14th January, 2023

Uttarayan – International Kite Festival

Uttarayan is one of the biggest festival much-admired in India and it takes place re the lands of Gujarat. The day winter season starts diminishing and the weather starts warming taking place for the concerning summer, Uttarayan adorns the space of Gujarat. Cities later Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, and Rajkot accommodate people coming from international destinations to experience the draw and grandeur of the festival. The festival is commended in the region of 14th January of all year, back 1989 and coincides bearing in mind the harvesting festival, Makar Sankranti. Slowly and steadily the impact of this festival has turned out to be so omnipresent that two days in Gujarat and some cities of Rajasthan are marked as public holidays even if people stay soppy in the festivity. The number of participants can achieve occurring to 10 million.

Spiritual Significance

According to beliefs, people deem the day very auspicious as Gods wake to go on from their deep slumber. They become roomy and begin cooperative prayers and wishes of their devotees.

Change in Weather and Mood

When the sun starts traveling towards the north, the days begin getting longer and enjoyable. The appearance gets cleared of all the fog and mist, awol a beautiful, large and conclusive song for the vivid kites. People are filled once joy as the harvesting season is rough to begin. It is considered as one of the most important harvest hours of daylight, giving the farmers an auxiliary hope and start into earning a decent bustling for themselves.

Historical Significance

The art of kite uphill is not subsidiary in addition to the Indians but initially, this was on your own an live limited to kings and their affluent partners. Trained fliers were hired to enter into the kite uphill competitions as regards the behalf of royalties. They displayed their adroitness, skills, might and exuberance through such a warfare and depicting their rivalry in the form of such sport was considered creative and futuristic.

With the growing recognition of Kite up, the bustle reached to the masses and back grow antiquated it became a full-scaled, profit-making industry. In today’s times, Gujarat is one of the largest manufacturers of kites which range anywhere from rupees five to rupees five thousand. The size of the kites ranges from few inches to three feet. Preparations of the hours of daylight begin from the months prior to the situation. Small scale industries indulged in kite-making bloom tremendously, giving a sound excuse for the grin to the belittle class people.

Customs and Traditions

The best place to enjoy the issue is the Sabarmati Riverfront where a propos 500,000 people can be accommodated. People from in fable to the globe visit these places. They first flood the markets to get kites from numerous kite buyers in large quantities. They negotiate the price and after completing their shopping, they ready themselves for the competition. Terraces of all the houses, buildings, shops etc., are jam-packed once people and their swiftness for the festival are worth noticing and experiencing.

Gujarat is moreover capably-known for his food items. Local delicacies when undhiyu, dhokla, khandavi, and jalebis are sold and served.


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