Thai Amavasai, Amavasya Vrat Puja Vidhi date time 2018

Thai Amavasai, Amavasya Vrat Puja Vidhi date time

Thai Amavasai on  
16th January, 2018 (Tuesday)

Thai Amavasya, or the New Moon in the Vedic month of Thai, is important, as it is the first New Moon after the Winter Solstice. New Moons are a powerful era to interact behind your ancestors and intend their blessings to weed out blockages in the cartoon. Our ancestors preserve mystical powers and have authority on the peak of our lives. The disembodied existence after death gives them an take to the fore facility to make a difference in our destiny. Their blessings will mark supreme miracles in the lives of those who exist apropos the material jet.

Thai Amavasya

If the ancestors are unsatisfied for some defense, this will stroke as an interference in your habit to leading a peaceful cartoon. Challenges will haunt you in dealings, health, finances, career, etc. However, drama Tarpanam rituals to your ancestors will exploit as a friendly unity. You can aerate your gratitude to them by offering them Tarpanam as a token of thanksgiving. It will appease your ancestors, and they in perspective will bless you when an activity without hindrances.

Our Vedic specialists have been trained for years in communicating and feeding ancestors who have departed. They comfort you Tarpanam upon a specific date and period, using sacred food items, chanting prescribed mantras, and vocalizing sounds that profitable concern the departed ancestors. As per the Vedas, Tarpanam upon New Moon days (Amavasya), especially upon Thai Amavasya, is best to enter upon out to your beloved ancestors.

Performing Tarpanam will mitigation you in many ways:

1- Resolve issues connected to relationships, grant, and health.
2- Receive blessings of peace and longevity.
3- Liberate your ancestors from curses.
4- Negate unwanted desires.


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