Sant Shri Ravidass ji ki Aarti bhajan lyrics in Hindi

Social reformer spiritual figure Sant Raidass ji wallpaper

Sant shri Ravidass ji ki Aarti bhajan lyrics in Hind


Naam Tero Aarti Majan Muraray
Har Ke Naam bin Jhuthey Sagal Pasarey
Naam Tero Aasno – Naam Tero Ursa
Naam Tero Kesro Le Chhat Karey
Naam Tero Ambhula, Naam Tero Chandno
Ghas Japey Naam Ley Tujhey Kou Charey
Naam Tera Deewa – Naam Tero Baati
Naam Tero Tail le Mahen Pasarey
Naam Tere Ki Jot Lagayi
Bhaio Ujiaaro Bhawan Saglarey
Naam Tero Taaga – Naam Phool Mala
Bhar Aatharah Sagal Jhutharey
Tero Kiya Tujheh Kiya Arpou
Naam Tera Tuhi Chawar Dholarey
Das Atha Ath – Sathey Charey Khani
Eh Wartan hai Sagal Sansarey
Keh Ravidas – Naam Tero Aarti
Sat Naam Hai Har Bhog Tuharey.


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