Narmada Jayanti Festival Date Time 2019 – Parv, Tyohar, Mohotsav or Utsav Vrat Puja Vidhi

Narmada Jayanti Festival Date Time 2020 - Parv, Tyohar, Mohotsav or Utsav Vrat Puja Vidhi

  Narmada Jayanti
12th February, 2019 (Tuesday)

Best sacred river in the middle of the holy rivers

As per the Hinduism, the rivers are as well as considered holy and so worshipped them. The Narmada Jayanti is a major festival commended throughout Madhya Pradesh, in checking account to the eve of the birth of Narmada River. Pilgrims and the devotees float various kinds of oil lamps regarding the water of Narmada strongly praying for their sensitive. From the dwindling of its lineage Amarkantak, Narmada has its own significance. It is moreover said that it is the best-sacred river in the middle of all the five holy rivers of India along moreover Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari and Kaveri.

There is a pleasant belief along in the middle of the devotees that after linked to a holy dip in the river Narmada, all the sins of the devotees are washed away by the holy water and profit prosperity as the Mother river forgives them for their misdeeds. The river Narmada is moreover called as Shankari, the daughter of Lord Shankara because of its parentage. The birth of Narmada River is closely connected to places Amarkantaka and Narmadakund. The Kund is along in the midst of various temples of Shiva, Annapurna temple, Rama Janaki temple, etc. There are along with a lot of people who begin parikrama of the river harshly this day. The daylight has importance in the religious places without help and apropos the common man moving picture one cannot see the effects of this hour of day much.

A statue of the river goddess the Narmada is worshipped in defense to the eve of Narmada Jayanti by various pilgrims who visit from swap cities, states across the country all year in this particular time. The river was created in the form of the pretty and pretty girl, who made the complete the gods to slip for it and so named as the Narmada. There are a lot of temples at various places as regards the subject of the banks of river Narmada where the celebration of this day can be noted.


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