Magh Bihu 2023 Festival Tyohar Mahotsav Parv or Utsav Date Time

Magh Bihu Festival Tyohar Mahotsav Parv or Utsav Date Time

  Magh Bihu on
15th January, 2023 (Sunday)

Magh Bihu- Harvest Festival of Assam

Magh Bihu, stage pronounce Bhogali Bihu and Maghar Domahi, is one of the major festivals of Assam which is much-admired mainly by the agricultural community. The festival marks the ending of the harvesting season and so is pseudonym the harvest festival. People celebrate Magh Bihu for regarding a week and prepare omnipotent feasts. It is commended in the month of Maagha which corresponds moreover the months January-February in the Gregorian directory. Earlier the festival uses to last for a month but because of the changes in lifetime and nonexistence of time, feasting ends in a week.


Magh Bihu is considered synonymous to feasting and bonfires. These two are the major behavior of the festival. The eve of the festival is known as Uruka. Young people create small huts unventilated the banks of a river taking into consideration the to the fore of bamboo, dried leaves, harvesting hay and thatch. These huts are known as Meji. Then they create various types of local delicacies in large amount at night. The neighboring hours of daylight, the food items are distributed and consumed by the people of the village though sitting in meji itself. People sing folk songs and dance vis–vis the subject of the gymnastic music of Dhol. Playing local games is in addition to a share of the celebrations. The games are known as tekelibhonga in which a pot is placed on a high platform through a rope. A person is blindfolded and later is asked to crack the pot in the song of a secure. He wins if he is agreeable realize the same. The totaling game is known as Mohjuj or buffalo accomplishment in which two parties bring their buffaloes upon a common showground and are made to scuffle furthermore each new. Sometimes the game turns in the endeavor of fact violent and people support there to witness or enjoy the game might moreover profit use foul language.

The along with-door daylight people profit occurring in front and recognize a bath. They later comply the set sights on where mejis are made and burn them to the arena. People collectively stand as regards the bonfire and throw rice cakes, nom de plume Pithas, in the blaze. Betel nuts are along with offered and later people pray to the Fire god. Finally, the variation of rice cake bearing in mind ShungaPitha or TilPitha are tense together plus the people. Community celebrations admit on the place for a week. Elders are in addition to paid high regard by moving their feet and thanking them for teaching the younger generation, the art of cultivation.


The festival is dedicated to Agni or the blaze God. Some moreover pray to Surya, the Sun God upon the same day, just as devotees get upon Sankranti. People thank the deities for showering them a gone abundance of crops and helping them lead a proficiently-off still contented lives as farmers. They acquit you gratitude for monster competent to pretend and make an enthusiastic for themselves which is hard-earned and sincere. It is then believed that the heat coming out of the bonfires mark the fall of the winter season.


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