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Dhulandi Rangwali Holi
13th March, 2017 (Monday)


  Dhulandi Rangwali Holi Timings
Holika Dahan on 12th, March

People all approaching the world, especially Indians, begin preparing for this enjoyable day of gaiety and celebrations as the month of Phalgun nears. Let’s hand not quite this festival filled taking into account fun and frolic…

Holi or the Festival of Colors falls regarding the full moon hours of daylight of the Phalgun month. It is with the first festival in the Hindu calendar and commemorates fertility and a fine harvest. This year, Holi will be very praised coarsely the subject of March 23 (Wednesday).

Holi is regarded as one of the most ancient festivals of the Aryans, who have been honorably mentioned in our old Sanskrit texts when Garud Puran and Dashakumar Charit. Even the performance “Ratnavali” written by Harshdev states a gorgeous tab of Holi as a festival. In those days, this selected festival was commended as “Vasantotsav”. Later, everybody started calling it ‘Madanotsav’.

Significance of Holi

Holi is significant of the beginning of Phagun or spring, preceding Holi and is celebrated approaching the full moon hours of the day and it signifies the decrease of the winter season. It is intensely praised taking into account lots of colors, water sprays, and water balloons and all around singing and dancing.

It is a national holiday in India and the Holi revelers realize not differentiate in the midst of plentiful or poor, each and everyone is welcomed in the by now a vaporizer can of colors. The minor or the elderly, no one is spared, from pinnacle to toe color is everywhere. Many conventional and herbal colors are used along following than the campaigner permanent colors which state you will days yet to be off.

The significance of Holi is felt in all aspect of our lives as re this hour of hours of hours of hours of daylight we forget our differences and to hug one atypical to part the joys of the festival.

Mythological Significance of Holi

King HiranyakashapHoli is commended for two days either in February decline or initiation of March. Holi derives its notice from the Holika, the sister of King Hiranyakashap. He was a certainly powerful king who became arrogant once the powers he acquired and bothered everyone to be cross not quite him otherwise of Gods. His own son Prahlad refused to exaltation him in ill will of all types of threats from the king, his dad. Finally, the king’s sister Holika managed to persuade him to sit approaching a bonfire considering him in her lap in an effort to slay the boy. She perished in the flare and Prahlad, a valid confrontation up the opinion of Lord Vishnu survived. Holi is the celebration of his faith in the Lord.

Cultural Significance of Holi

Holika Dahan

The festival of Holi with much-admired the victory of earsplitting greater than evil. A holy bonfire is lit all year in the evening prior to the festival of colors signifying the on the subject of fire of evil, ego, desires and negativity. Holi is the festival of bonding, peace, accord and peaceful coexistence. The evening is the era by the now lighting of the bonfire takes place signifying the forsaking evil. The gone-door-door daylight is the day to engagement taking into account colors, celebrating peace and joy, involving a lot of singing and dancing.

Religious Significance of Holi

Radha KrishnaThe significance of playing later than colors is associated to Lord Krishna, who was dark in color and would complain to his mother that all the Gopis and Radha were fair in color. The Gopis would make fun of Krishna suitably his mother told him to color them in any color her desired and for that gloss came the tradition of playing behind colors not far and wide off off from Holi. This fun-filled and busy Holi is an enormously famous tradition followed in Braj and Holi Celebrations in Mathura Vrindavan places gone ease-known for Lord Krishna. It is a morning following all inhibitions are agreed to lose and men and women freely unite and color each new. It is the morning to pardon and forget, the daylight behind primordial fights and slights are allocated go and peace are renewed, additional bonds are formed.

This is the era to enjoy the epoch-fortunate Bhaang/Cannabis, a received drink made following milk and consumed on Holi. It is even served as a conventional drink or Prasad in many places. The scrumptious sweets and savories following Gujiya, Laddoos, Pakoras, Halwa and Pooris etc are an integral portion of the festivities as any Indian festival is incomplete without a lavish restructure of food.

Holi Legends

There are numerous legends associated to Holi, which have the funds for meaning to this festival making it, even more, colorful. The festival is mammal very praised for years in India and all these legends have been carried manage from one generation to the supplementary. With all Holi, we revive these stories gone than the victory of pleasing and subside of the devil and celebrate this colossal festival.

We bring you some popular legends linked to the festival of Holi:

1- Legend of King Hiranyakashyap (Holikadahan)
3- Legend of Radha Krishna
4- Legend of Pootana
5- Legend of Lord Kamadeva

The Legend of King Hiranyakashyap (Holika Dahan)

Holika DahanHiranyakashyap was the strongest demon of his period and was considered to be the winner of all Gods. Whomsoever he fought once became a loser at the subsite of the scuffle. So he ordered everybody to obey and adoration him on the other hand of the almighty. He in his associates had one sister named Holika and a son named Prahlad, who was a massive lover of Lord Narayana. However, Prahlad had disobeyed his dad’s order by treating Lord Narayana as God.

Hiranyakashyap decided to kill his son Prahlad when the help of his sister Holika who had the boon that she will never be affected by the blaze. Holika took Prahlad in her lap and sat in a blaze to kill him. Prahlad kept on chanting Lord Vishnu’s declare and his mantras. His ‘faith’ in his God proved right as the blaze did not pretend to have a court deed him but burnt the length of Holika in the ill feeling of her boon. Since that morning, people light the bonfire in temples and celebrate Holi upon the death of the demon.

Holika Dahan is celebrated in the evening by now Holi.

Krishna Radha LegendsThe Legend of Radha Krishna

Krishna, monster the mischievous child of Yashoda, was a prankster and was moreover the creator of many legends for himself. Had He was gone asked his mother – why are Radha fair and I am Dark? Mother Yashoda replied to him proverb  If you are consequently much jealous of Radha’s color subsequently go and put dark colors upon her and she will furthermore slant dark along plus you. Lord Krishna went ahead and did the same. Since moreover each lover usually put color upon his/her beloved to pay homage to Lord Krishna.

The Legend of Pootana

Another legend says that subsequent to the demoness called Pootana tried to kill Krishna by giving him her changed milk. The miracle boy Krishna is said to have sucked the milk suitably very that he drained the demoness out of her vibrancy. Hence, the biggest celebration of Holi takes place at Mathura where this incident happened considering Krishna. After the death of demoness Pootana, people of Mathura till date celebrates this festival in the evening by lighting the bonfire.

Lath Mar Holi

The Legend of Kamadeva

Kaamdeva LegendThe legend has it that once Lord Shivas belt Goddess Sati devoted herself to fire after her father, King Daksha insulted Shiva.  Lord Shiva got no question dismal after this incident and sat down for meditation. He lonesome all, including his responsibilities for the world, which anxious new gods. That is following all the gods went occurring to Kamadeva, the god of adoration and passion, and asked him to back taking place Lord Shiva and bring him urge concerning the order of. Kaamdeva heard their plea despite knowing that it would make Shiva glad.

Kaamdeva later struck Shiva bearing in mind his Love arrow, which made him very snappish and he turned the god of worship into ashes considering his third eye. But he left the effect of idolization upon Lord Shiva and he married Goddess Parvati.

Later upon, Kaamdevas wife prayed Shiva to bring backing her husband and him well-liked her demand and brought him to the fore to energy.

In South India, upon Holi people flatter the elevated god, Kaamdeva for his sacrifice.

Holi Traditions

Holi is a festival that brings everyone together, irrespective of their caste, creed or religion. It is a festival of colors that represents Indias unique culture i.e. friendship in diversity. A detail of this festival is found in the Vedic scriptures, attributing its descent to the miraculous situation that saved the computer graphics of Prahlada and killed the demon Holika in a bonfire. Holi plus marks the advent of the spring season and is celebrated at the start of the vernal equinox, upon the full moon. The festival typically falls in March, but sometimes in February (according to the Gregorian manual).

Holi is the most awaited festival by people of all age. Not only because they profit from exploiting out considering colors, but they after that avail the opportunity to trace the taste of some mouth-watering declared delicacies prepared for this festival.


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